Land Ho! 

Roughly three years ago, while filming on Angel Azul, we asked Dr. Thomas Goreau if there was any kind of machine that could vacuum carbon from the air. Without hesitation he responded, "Yes, indeed, we have the perfect machine, and.... it's called, a tree! " And with that he turned to point to a huge tree on the MIT campus. He then seized the opportunity to introduce us to biochar, a new word and unfamiliar practice to us at the time. It sounded interesting, but facing a complicated edit, there was no brain space to process the information, so it was filed. Close to the end of our Angel Azul festival run, the concept of biochar started creeping forward into consciousness and soon we met biochar producer Josiah Hunt. Before we were actually ready, we embarked on a new film cleverly named Dirt Rich by sound man John Bennett who brainstormed the title while we were in attending the Wild & Scenic Film Festival in Nevada City. And, much like Angel Azul, through exploration and discovery our film grew into something we hadn't imagined and we are proud to announce that we are in the home stretch!

For those who may not know, Dirt Rich is focused on strategies to reverse the effects of runaway global warming through the revitalization of living soil through carbon draw down. This is a dire issue indeed but the good news is that solutions still exist!  From our Bay Area backyard to Borneo, we have been busy as beavers, an apt pun as there is actually a chapter in our film on that very keystone species! We are a lot smarter now than we were when we started thanks to the many experts who have opened our eyes to invaluable strategies with beautiful outcomes. It will be greatly rewarding to share these strategies with you all! Celebrity narration will hopefully happen late spring (can't mention who yet, but as soon as we can we will,) then final touches and onto the film festival application process! 

 Carlos Arias from  Finca Luna Nueva

 Carlos Arias from Finca Luna Nueva

Help Us Make Music 
Award winningAmericana/Alt-Country artist Tom Rhodes is laying down tracks with his raspy vocals hitting just the right note for Dirt Rich! We wanted something special and we were introduced to Tom’s music with its heartland themes and his soulful delivery. We hope you will have a look at a sample clip from our film by following the links provided below. 

We also feature two compositions from talented composer and harpist Amelia Romano of String Quake who uniquely combines harp, cello and percussion to create some really unusual sound we've chosen to accompany our Costa Rica sequence. Amelia has a new album out called Fresh Perspectives and a beautiful video of the very song we used in our film called Legacy

Please check out our Indiegogo page and consider supporting us in using this great music by these talented musicians. Many thanks to all of you who take the time to make a donation! We have two possible choices: a one time donation at Indiegogo or a small monthly donation for the duration of your choosing on Patreon. We have some kind of fun rewards on Patreon, so please check out! No contribution is too small. We really appreciate the support.


  Tom Rhodes

  Tom Rhodes

Amelia Romano

Amelia Romano

Find Us Here

We are building toward a full blown Dirt Rich website, but in the meantime please visit our blog which can be accessed through and find us on Facebook.  There is another interesting way there! Have a look at our beautiful Passelande Pictures website at 

Angel Azul Update

Angel Azul continues to represented by EcoDox and is available through Gravitas Ventures, OnDemand,         I Tunes and on local cable. Please share! Educational representation is through Collective Eye and also in the Bay Area through our Angel Azul Public School Outreach Program made possible by a grant from

The Berkeley Film Foundation