Small Scale, Off-grid Lifestyle

~This guest post comes from Kashi Albertsen who seems to be having a great time living close to the land on the big island of Hawaii.~

Learning to glean from the land and provide for our basic needs is empowering. It does not take a lot of money to learn these things, all it takes is a willingness to humble oneself to the harmonious flow of the natural world. By observing nature, we see that abundance is a way of life. When we live in grace with our environment and each other, a culture of generosity unfolds as the well-being of the community becomes an inherent, collective goal.

Some of the most valuable skills I have acquired along the path to self-sufficiency are: small home design and construction, solar and micro-hydro power, edible landscaping, bio-remediation and rainwater catchment. These skills foster independence, heal the earth and generate income. I am currently developing a small, tropical homestead on the Big Island of Hawaii. There is no better time than now to re-claim our power, while actively working to build communities that thrive on the health of the whole.