Time For Eastham Turnips!

We've been informed by Bob Wells from New England Biochar that the famous Eastham turnips have been harvested!! For Cape Codders this is an annual tradition. The sweet, white, tasty, heirloom turnips are celebrated with their own festival and are a favorite on Thanksgiving tables all around the Cape! The green tops are edible too. Apparently for us on the West Coast, we are really missing out! They only grow in the sandy soils on this special East Coast peninsula which I had the pleasure of visiting during our filming of Bob on his farm! The trip also included a bit of rock collecting down on the sandy shore after learning that Bob is also a rock hound! Bob is the chief local provider of these famous turnips and he attributes his successful yields to biochar and wood vinegar use!  He explains, "You have seen the soil that I started with and what I have now. This goes beyond the word "sustainable." We heal the soil, and then bring it to a place where it can get better every year while turning out crops like these!" Indeed Bob, you are the master! (please click through slideshow.)

Filmmaker's Notes from Marcy

Biochar was first introduced to us by Dr. Thomas Goreau while we were filming him in Cambridge on Angel Azul. Our first up close and personal experience in learning about the subject in depth, however, was with Josiah Hunt who has taken us on a comprehensive journey of the subject over the period of almost two years. Here Josiah is preparing to measure the heat of a massive pile of biochar at Green Straw Farm.