Snail Mail & Yesterday's Newspaper by Wendy Van den Helder

Around 35 million trees are cut down annually to produce mail that people don't even want!Why not put a stop to that by removing your name from mailing lists? It is as easy as a quick phone call, email, or drop a line.      

  • To be removed from national mailing lists  call 212.768.7277 or request in writing  to: Direct Marketing Association, Mail Preference Service P.O. Box 643 Carmel, NY 10512-0643.                     
  • And what about those unsolicited catalogs? Click here to and make sure to include all of your name variations when filling out the form.                                     
  • Yellow Pages? Those old dinosaurs?   

When you've done your darnedest to stop all of this junk mail, but some still manages to slip through, or those newspapers are stacking up, you can always recycle!  Or, if you want to try something really different here are some ideas:                                                                                  

  • Re-use return envelopes for casual, informal correspondence.                                                         
  • Recreate fresh paper                                                       
  • Cut up and use for notes                                                                                                                     
  • Shred newspapers for chicken coop or kitty litter, for additional carbon in your compost pile, or  as a lining for your kitchen composter to absorb moisture and odor.                                            -   
  • Whole newspapers can be used to block weeds or kill grass as long as you mulch on top. They can also be used for packing material, or for window cleaning with a 1/2 vinegar 1/2 water solution, or why not wrap presents with the Funnies? 

Please share your ideas! Here's one I rather like! 


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